WHO statistics are disappointing - about 10% of men over the age of 20 have erection problems. And among the representatives of the older age category (over 60 years old), every third is not able to carry out sexual intercourse. In addition, there is a negative trend in this problem. Now, according to rough estimates, in the world 150 million men have ED. Doctors predict that in a quarter of a century this number may double.

There are no data on the epidemiology of ED in the Russian Federation. But given the prevalence of bad habits, the high level of injuries, the practice of taking medications without a medical consultation, it is easy to assume that the problem of erectile disorders in our country is very urgent.

According to medical statistics, only one in five men with ED see a specialist. And only 37% of those who applied undergo the necessary course of treatment. Many people mistakenly believe that ED is not a medical pathology, but simply manifestations of fatigue and nervous strain. That is, the pathology is very common, but men are in no hurry to seek help from specialists. They prefer to ignore the problem or engage in ineffective (and sometimes dangerous) self-medication.

As a result, the disease progresses, and then it becomes more difficult to establish a normal sex life. It is important to understand that erectile dysfunction cannot be considered by itself (as a separate urological diagnosis). It is necessary to take into account the general condition of the male body and involve medical specialists of different profiles in solving the problem. This will provide qualified assistance to patients with erectile dysfunction and achieve lasting positive results.

An erection is an increase in the elasticity of the penis with a simultaneous increase in its volume, which is due to the rapid filling and stretching of the cavernous bodies as a result of sexual arousal. This mechanism is rather complicated; it involves a number of sequential neurovascular changes, ultimately leading to relaxation of the smooth muscle tissues of the sinusoids, arterioles, and arteries.

At the end of the 20th century, medical scientists obtained new information about the mechanism of erection and the causes of sexual dysfunction. This means that there are more ways to adequately treat erectile dysfunction in men who are faced with problems in the sexual sphere.

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    The lacunae are filled with blood from the arteries, as a result, the venules are squeezed
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    the outflow of blood from the penis is suspended
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    This phenomenon is called the veno-occlusive mechanism